The Top GraphQL Usage Monitoring Tool

Track what parts of your GraphQL schema is used, and follow up on errors and performance.

First-class support for Sangria (Scala), GraphQL Ruby and Apollo Server, and more on the way 🚀. Hubburu is free for low usage.

Get insights of how your Schema is being used

  • See error rates, latency and performance metrics
  • Track enum input usage
  • Track object type field usage
  • Track how your types are being referenced as fragments
  • Coming soon: Track input field usage

“Monitoring your GraphQL API is a crucial part of GraphQL maintenance, as it makes it possible to truly understand how your schema is being used. Hubburu treated GraphQL Ruby as a first-class citizen which made it an easy choice.”

Daniel Wagnerius
CTO, Mynewsdesk

Track the changes of your GraphQL Schema

See the history of how your schema evolves.

Get slack notifications every time your schema has changed to make sure your team knows what is going on with your schema.

Tooling should not determine your runtime

The tooling situation for GraphQL observability sucks if you are not using Javascript.

We have talked to a lot of companies who have been forced to choose their technology stack to fit in to the ecosystem. We believe that tooling should work for you, not the other way around.

We aim to provide a new way for you to track your schema usage, monitor errors and improve your query performance.

We used Hubburu as a monitoring tool on one of the projects, and we were pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and catching bugs that were missed during manual testing. For us, Hubburu has become an additional source of verification and confidence in the product releases.

Vladimir Sokurenko
CEO, White Test Lab

See what clients are using the deprecated fields

There is always that one client lagging behind when you deprecate parts of your schema.

Hubburu lets you see what clients make what requests, tied to the deprecated parts of your schema.

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